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Volume Types

Volunteers Service Records, 1861-1864
These 16 volumes are a record of each soldier who served in Delaware regiments. They may include such information as a soldier's name, rank, age, birthplace, residence, occupation, enlistment date and location, muster-in date and location, mustering officer, term of enlistment, pay dates and amounts, transfer and promotion data, and date of discharge. They also list those soldiers who deserted, were killed, ill, or discharged.

Clothing Books 1863-1865
These 14 volumes contain information on the clothing and supplies issued to each soldier. There is one soldier per page, with the date that supplies were issued, the money value of the issues, and signatures of the soldier and witnesses given. Some books list the types of supplies for each person, while many others list only the monetary value.

Company Descriptive Book, 1861-1864
The book provides physical descriptions and personal information about members of Company A, 2nd Delaware Regiment. It also includes registers of men transferred, discharged, died, and deserted, as well as a descriptive list of the company. Registers show the name of the soldier, rank, date, by whose order, reason for transfer, where discharged, where died, cause of death, where deserted, and remarks. The descriptive list shows the soldier's name, age, height, complexion, eye and hair color, place of birth, occupation, when, where and by whom enlisted, length of term of enlistment, and remarks.

Consolidated Morning Report Book, 1861-1865
These books are the morning reports made by the Commander of the 1st Regiment of the Delaware Volunteers. The two volumes show the date, companies, number and rank of men on duty, sick, in confinement, horses, total commissioned, total enlisted, number of absentees and reasons, alterations since the last report, remarks, and signatures of the Adjutant and Commander of the Regiment.

Regimental Order Book, 1864-1865
This is a book of regular and special orders of the 9th Regiment of Delaware Volunteers, especially while they were stationed at Camp Brandywine and Fort Delaware. The book shows the regiment and camp location, date, order number, and names of the commander and official from the Adjutant General's Office.

Register of Furloughs, 1864-1865
This book is a record of leave granted to soldiers in the 9th Delaware Regiment. It shows the name of soldier, length of leave, date of leaving and returning, company and regiment.

Local Militia Rolls, 1862
This book is a record of the men enlisted into and exempted from the militia of Kent County. The record shows hundred (location), name of enrolled or exempted, page, age, and occupation.